Mica Simpson

BA (Hons) Fashion


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: micaeugennie

My design concept follows a story, I created to inspire the collection, of a fairy who has entered the world and is disguising herself.  Despite the disguise, aspects of her true personality shine, in her love of collecting lost items and charms, whimsical florals as well, as nature.

This concept stems from my childhood interests in fairy tales and various whimsical and fantastical ideas.  I looked at various art nouveau works and botanical illustrations within this work.

My focus on the ‘fairy’ collecting items led me to investigate materials such as buttons, shiny ornamental keys, ribbons, flowers, feathers, and beads.  This research led to trialling of various embroidery techniques, embellishment, and fabric painting techniques.

I was keen on using sheer and floaty materials throughout the collection that catch the light and delicately float.  As well as this, using floral embroidered material to display the ‘fairy’s’ interest in nature.  Furthermore, petal applique detailing and wing-inspired sleeve details further emphasised her connection to nature.  Additionally, inspired by the concept of the ‘disguise’ I added details such as hoods and had some of my garments have a more oversized silhouette.

My work was created as if it were for the brand, Dries Van Noten, so his signature design style also inspired the collection’s fabrics and silhouette.








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