Tongyue Jose Sheng

BA (Hons) Fashion


email: [email protected]

instagram: abundan.t

For my year-3 projects, I chose MAP as the main element, SKY and TRAVEL JOURNAL as supporting elements for innovative design and pattern cutting. Through the exploration of ancient maps, I discovered the T-O Map, a special product of its time. In the portfolio you can see part of my experimentation and development.

I am not only keen on exploring interesting patterns, but also enjoy experimenting with combinations and collisions of different fabrics.
For Map & Sky, inspired by the contrast between day and night, I tried combinations of different fabrics, such as waterproof reflective fabrics and natural fabrics that can be easily dyed, knitted fabrics and plain fabrics.

For Map & Journal, inspired by the diversity, texture and natural colour differences of handbook materials, I tried to match a variety of undyed natural fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. I even added book muslin, a material commonly used in traditional bookmaking to strengthen the backbone construction of books.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the map-related project, I fully considered the importance of inclusive design and interactive design, so I tried to unisex or unisize the design of each piece of clothing. So that more people can feel the recognition of social identity, and not be troubled by the terms and labels of gender or body size as much as possible. Each outfit can also be easily styled in a casual way, allowing customers to mix and match the clothes in their wardrobe to their liking without having to buy the whole look.

Interestingly, in the Map & Journal I used dice, which is an integral part of my life. Usually, I use an electronic dice to decide what to eat. In this project, I made two different dices myself, which helped me to push the boundaries of design and randomly explore more possibilities.

Tongyue Jose Sheng | Fashion & Textiles
Tongyue Jose Sheng | Fashion & Textiles 1
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