Nancy Trumper

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email - [email protected]

Instagram - sarodix_draws

My work is heavily based around mental health issues, More specifically mental health issues that cause people to live with Hallucinations. I am one of these people, I create my work to try and take away the “scary stereotypes” that surround people who Live with Hallucinations.

Not every Hallucination is scary, Not every experience is terrifying, Those who can see things live in another form of reality that most people would not understand, Some thing’s I’ve personally experienced have been beautiful, Exotic, Fun. I wouldn’t change any of this for the world.

Nancy Trumper | Illustration 4
We're All Angels.
Nancy Trumper | Illustration 3
We're All Angels.
Nancy Trumper | Illustration 2
I Am Normal, Aren't I?.
Nancy Trumper | Illustration 1
Nancy Trumper | Illustration
Watch Over Me.
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