Amy Carter

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


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My Trip to Bruges

‘My trip to Bruges’ showcases my experience in Bruges, Belgium, drawing inspiration directly from the photographs my partner and I took during our journey.

I used various traditional mediums like watercolour, gouache, oil pastels, and inks for the illustrations. While challenging, the process was rewarding, particularly working with ink, which led to unexpected yet intriguing effects. During experimentation, I created textured backgrounds with different tools, like sticks and rollers, and then merged them with landmark drawings in Photoshop, adding depth and mood to the pieces. Each illustration is made slightly differently from the next. Some are detailed ink line drawings and others are just colour.

The biggest challenge with my process was developing my skill in illustrating buildings and perspective. Although I still have a long way to go, I saw an improvement over the course of the project. Halfway into creating this project, I felt a loss of passion for the concept. I thought it wasn’t unique or intriguing enough, but after reflecting, I realised it didn’t matter. What mattered to me the most was sharing what I experienced.

I wanted to capture the feelings and beauty of everything I saw. The purpose of making this book was to have the memories of the trip that my partner and I can cherish in a physical form. Many artists inspired me during the project such as Lis Watkins, a London-based artist specialising in drawing on location and travel illustration. Another big inspiration was Benjamin Pearce. His work often features limited colour palettes and monochromatic colour. 

I aim for my art to transport you to my Bruges experience and ignite a desire for travel. While challenging, this project has been gratifying, transforming my trip into meaningful memories I can now share with others.

Amy Carter | Illustration 1
My trip to Bruges Booklet
Amy Carter | Illustration
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