Rasmus Ross

BA (Hons) Games Arts


Hi, I’m Rasmus. I studied BA (Hons) Games Arts with a focus on 2D/Concept Art. I have a strong passion for character design, sequential art and narrative work. I would love to pursue these ideas further as a career. I work with Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Blender and Maya to create my artwork.

During my final year, I was able to work on two projects: Rebellion :: Inanimacy and Escapism.

Rebellion :: Inanimacy is concept art for a potential 2D fighting game set in 2009 Hong Kong, where the playable characters are nonhuman with varying designs. I chose this environment for the narrative as I wanted to create something unique with the place I grew up in. I believe I improved a lot throughout this project as I received lots of feedback from peers and tutors alike and was able to make designs that better suited the themes of this project.

Escapism started as a personal project revolving around an MMO in which guild leaders are its focus with how they deal with real-life and in-game events. I used this opportunity to overhaul my initial sketches and create stronger designs with the help of feedback from my previous project. This project is an ongoing webseries that can be accessed at https://escapism.ju.mp/.

Overall, I have gained a lot of experience from what I have created over the past year and am excited to work on new projects with the skills learned from my final year at university.

Rasmus Ross | Games
Illustrative piece for 'Escapism'
Rasmus Ross | Games 1
Rasmus Ross 'Escapism' Project Showreel
Rasmus Ross | Games 6
Promotional Art for 'Rebellion :: Inanimacy'
Rasmus Ross | Games 5
Cutscene Illustrative piece for 'Rebellion :: Inanimacy'
Rasmus Ross | Games 4
Character Model Sheet for 'Escapism'
Rasmus Ross | Games 3
Illustrative piece for 'Escapism'
Rasmus Ross | Games 2
Illustrative piece for 'Escapism'
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