Shih-Han Nien

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


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Hi, I’m Shih-Han, a graphic designer with a passion for typography and visual communication design. With a multicultural background, I bring a global perspective to my creative thinking. I aim to find inspiration from my surroundings and my cultural background. I’m particularly passionate about exploring the unique folk culture of China. Through visual means, I aspire to bring attention to these cultural gems, many of which are endangered or little-known. My goal is to use my work as a platform to share and preserve these treasures, as they hold significant value for my country.

This project delves into the exploration of Chinese folk religion, particularly focusing on the concept of death. Death is a serious topic in most cultures and is certainly so in China. In the Chinese culture, most people choose to avoid discussing it. However, when the time comes to confront it, many people feel helpless, confused, and lost. Therefore, my work aims to shed light on different perspectives on death, particularly focusing on the concept of reincarnation in Tibetan beliefs in China. I hope to provide people with a deeper understanding of death and encourage them to rethink and embrace conversations about death without fear. To showcase this idea, I have designed a publication in A5 size, making it easily portable for readers to engage with,  wherever they may be. My hope is that by presenting these concepts in a accessible format, readers can contemplate and reflect on death at their own pace and in any setting.

Shih-Han Nien | Graphic Design 2
Posters of Reincarnation
Shih-Han Nien | Graphic Design 1
Content pages of Reincarnation
Shih-Han Nien | Graphic Design
Covers of Reincarnation
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