Luke Elgar

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - Canterbury


[email protected]

Instagram @lukeelgar_designs

I’m a graphic designer with a keen interest in brand visual identity, advertising, and 3D modelling. 

My project revolves around producing a full graphic and visual identity for a fictional English Premier League football club named Mile End United. The project involved generating all of the clubs branding. Including the primary badge as well as several variations. A full set of kit designs, including the home, away, third, and three goalkeeper kits. As well as merchandise, such as clothing, and collectables. Alongside a social media presence to keep fans updated and provide a platform for advertising. The project also includes a concept e-commerce mobile app. That could be used as a merchandise store. And lastly, the project includes a 3D design concept for the clubs 38-thousand-capacity stadium named Regents Community Stadium. Designed using the 3D modelling software Blender.  

Luke Elgar | Graphic Design
Mile End United Badge
Luke Elgar | Graphic Design 1
Mile End United Specification Guide
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Luke Elgar | Graphic Design 4
Mile End United Badge Designs
Luke Elgar | Graphic Design 3
Mile End United Home, Away, Third, and Goalkeeper Kit Designs
Luke Elgar | Graphic Design 2
Mile End United's Stadium 3D Model
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