Tegan Turner

BA (Hons) Design for Theatre & Screen


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07496304675

Instagram: setdesign_tegan

Website: https://teganturner.co.uk/

For my project ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Musical’ I created a series of costumes as well as a set design, complete with 1:25 scale models of all elements. My design features the west facade of ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in all her glory – complete with stained glass windows, religious figures and light-up statues. I aimed to bring a sense of grandeur back to the cathedral, as intended by Victor Hugo’s original novel, whilst also touching on racism, ableism, feminism and bringing the play to a conclusion to reference the tragic events of the 2014 fire.

Tegan Turner | Film & TV 1
Finale: Act Two, Scene Eight
Tegan Turner | Film & TV 6
Teaser trailer for 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame: The Musical'
Tegan Turner | Film & TV
Act Two, Scene Seven - Frollo's demise
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Tegan Turner | Film & TV 7
Front Curtain of 1:25 model
Tegan Turner | Film & TV 5
Final Scene - Our Lady of Paris stands burning as reference to the tragedy of 2014
Tegan Turner | Film & TV 4
'Out There' - Quasimodo's solo yearning for freedom
Tegan Turner | Film & TV 3
Opening of Act One
Tegan Turner | Film & TV 2
'Follo's Demise' - The Finale of Act Two, where Frollo meets a fiery end
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