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What is basic desire?

Basic desires determine human behavior patterns. This design summarizes basic desires into seven categories: survival, power, change, love, protection, challenge, and order. Understanding human basic desires will give you a deeper understanding and comprehension of yourself.

Basic desires will allow you to analyze your behavior from a completely new perspective. After understanding the 7 basic desires, you will find that your behavior and life goals are closely related to them. In the process of advancing towards your ideal self, it is your desires that play a decisive guiding role. They can help you figure out what can bring you valuable happiness.

The seven steps of alchemy are colouring, condensation, corruption, distillation, calcination, sublimation, and dissolve. It represents the process of material transformation and can also be used to symbolize the inner growth of humanity and the transformation of desires.

This design is based on seven basic desires and follows the seven steps of alchemy as a process, taking viewers on their journey of desire alchemy and searching for their true selves.

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Book Design: The Alchemy of Desire Handbook
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Book Design: The Alchemy of Desire Handbook
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