Yusraa Mukadam

BA (Hons) Studio Practice (Fashion Design)


[email protected]

Instagram: @yusstellar

This collection is inspired by the life cycle of a star, known as “Stellar Evolution.” Through the phases of a star’s destruction and the formation of a nebula, I aim to depict the cycle of human emotions by drawing a parallel between human experiences and stellar phenomena. The journey begins with a supernova, symbolizing a powerful internal collision, representing moments of intense personal upheaval. This explosive event reflects the tumultuous times when we confront significant challenges within ourselves.

Following this, the neutron star phase embodies the acceptance of change and the process of letting go. Much like a neutron star forms from the remnants of a supernova, this stage signifies resilience and the quiet strength found in embracing new realities. It is a period of transformation and adaptation, capturing the essence of inner fortitude.

The collection culminates in the emergence of a nebula, symbolizing the evolution into a new, better version of oneself. This radiant, expansive formation represents growth and renewal, showcasing the beauty that arises from destruction. Through the contrast of astronomical demolition, the entire collection revolves around human growth and emotional development. Each piece in the collection aims to mirror these profound phases, celebrating the resilience and transformative power inherent in the human spirit.

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Stellar Evolution
Yusraa Mukadam | Fashion & Textiles 7
Human Star
Yusraa Mukadam | Fashion & Textiles 6
Pro Star
Yusraa Mukadam | Fashion & Textiles 5
Yusraa Mukadam | Fashion & Textiles 4
Yusraa Mukadam | Fashion & Textiles 3
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