Zac Webb

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Email – [email protected]

Website –

Instagram – maczann_

Hello, I’m Zac; I’m a digital media illustrator. My interests within my practice are about replicating and creating environments with my digital painting skills. As well as telling a story about the environments and what occurs within.  

Digital media is my main process of creaking work and illustrating as it allows me personally more freedom to mark make and experiment with a multitude of brushes and effects available. 

 For this project I chose to develop on my skills of previous projects by instead of replicating environments from photographs like with ‘Thamesmead the miss sold dream’ for my last project. I set out to create a triptych of an original landscape from images and landscapes I’m inspired by and use the method of photo bashing to produce 3 images to use as references, then used my skills in Procreate to digitally paint these 3 illustrations to form a triptych. 

When designing the triptych my inspiration and intention with it, is for each image in the triptych to be individually its own singular illustration but when all three are put together it then forms the triptych that tells the viewer a timelapse of a location. The goal with these images was that the background with the mountains was going to be the same. This then became a key link within the illustrations conveying to the viewer that it is indeed the same place in each image. 


Zac Webb | Illustration
Zac Webb | Illustration 3
Triptych 1 - Natural
Zac Webb | Illustration 2
Triptych 2 - Built up
Zac Webb | Illustration 1
Triptych 3 - cityscape
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