Yu Sun

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham



Yu Sun (2024)

Resin on etched zinc plate

I lost most of my hearing in my left ear on a surfing trip, due to this tinnitus took over my ears for a period of time. The lack of hearing affects my experience of reality. But The absence of sound allowed me to focus more on the interiority of my body as well. Hearing to me at that time, is like drawing on uneven stone with chunky charcoal bar

Untitled (2024) is an exploration of my body under the influence of the tinnitus caused by my hearing loss. I tried to capture through this specific technique, and the characteristic of resin.

While my experience with tinnitus was inescapable for a period, I am wanting to provide you now the option of picking up the headphones next to you and temporarily experiencing the same sensation.

Due to technical issue the planned sound could not been display in online showcase.

Yu Sun | Illustration 2
Exihibition mock-up blender model
Yu Sun | Illustration 1
resin piece on black surface
Yu Sun | Illustration
Hearing to me, is like drawing on uneven stonw with chunky charcoal bar
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