Megan Owen



Email – [email protected]

Instagram - @meganowen.designs

Chaos showcases that what may appear insignificant can have a catastrophic impact in the most unexpected ways. The title was inspired by Chaos Theory and interlinks with the consequences that are occurring within the coral reefs due to climate change. Taking colour and tactility inspiration from octopuses, I aim to challenge how you perceive and interpret fragility.

Megan Owen | Textiles 8
Full length of hand woven cloth
Megan Owen | Textiles 7
Project - Chaos, Hand woven and dyed
Megan Owen | Textiles 6
Woven cloth - Details fousing on the woven tactiliy.
Megan Owen | Textiles 5
Woven cloth - Highlighting the dramatic colour trantion throughout the cloth.
Megan Owen | Textiles 4
West Wittering beach
Megan Owen | Textiles 3
Sketchbook development honing in on my use of colour through the use of key marin life inspirational images.
Megan Owen | Textiles 2
Sketchbook colour develpment in correlation to colour theory.
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