Brianna Chartrand

BA (Hons) Illustration - Farnham


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Brilicious_art


‘The House of Colour Chaos’’

My final showcase piece is a comment on feelings towards home and what reminds me of my attachments there. Within my household I’ve been greatly supported to embrace colour and extroversion, not only in how a dress, but how I create, talk, and ultimately live my life. Those who know me best know I love the inclusion of text based art as well as animal appearances and felt this would be a nice link to my project much like the spinal corridor mural, also painted by myself. These clothes, patterns and objects all remind me of home in a simplified setting, despite there to be so much more to discover behind closed doors. A warmth, a smile, and contemplation is what I wish viewers to feel when visiting this work.

Brianna Chartrand | Illustration 2
The House of Colour Chaos
Brianna Chartrand | Illustration 1
Brianna Chartrand | Illustration
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