Florence Brockwell

BA (Hons) Illustration & Animation - Canterbury


Website: leanmeangenie.com

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @leanmeangenie

Hi! I’m Florence Brockwell, a digital artist also known online as Leanmeangenie. I draw inspiration from the aesthetics of bygone eras, from the haunting beauty of classical art and Gothic armour sets to the retro-futuristic allure of mid-century design, such as in my ‘Anti-AI Allegories’ project. I enjoy infusing historical references into my work for a sense of realism with an otherworldly twist.
My most recent project, ‘The Archetypes’, is a mini concept art book showcasing my character design and environmental art skills. Inside features twelve characters, each inspired by the zodiac signs and their respective tarot cards. The accompanying environmental pieces were inspired by my travels abroad. This project is a testament to my enduring love for film and video game development art, a field I have dreamed of entering ever since I was a child.
In the future, I hope to realise my dream of working in concept art or visual development, where I can create and contribute to the worlds that have always inspired me and my work. I am also interested in editorial and book illustration work.

Florence Brockwell | Illustration 4
Attack of the AI Hands!
Florence Brockwell | Illustration 3
The Archetypes
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Florence Brockwell | Illustration 2
Attack of the AI Hands!
Florence Brockwell | Illustration 1
Venomous Vendetta
Florence Brockwell | Illustration
Deadly Driver
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