Our unique Fashion Atelier course has been developed in consultation with, and in response to, fashion industry requirements for high-calibre graduates skilled in design, technical and product development.

As a result, our students have learned highly specialist technical skills in the creation of garments in order to be proficient in bespoke tailoring and couture-inspired fashion.

Their final year work, which is showcased here, comprises the production of a final collection demonstrating their making skills and individual style.

Abigail Boateng | Fashion & Textiles

Abigail Boateng

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Aiyeesha Hanif | Fashion & Textiles 7

Aiyeesha Hanif

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Danielle Hull | Fashion & Textiles 5

Danielle Hull

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Heather Griffiths | Fashion & Textiles 5

Heather Griffiths

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Leah Murphy | Fashion & Textiles 5

Leah Murphy

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Lucy Ann Ali | Fashion & Textiles 5

Lucy Ann Ali

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Simone Cangiano | Fashion & Textiles 5


BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier

Yasmine Collins | Fashion & Textiles

Yasmine Collins

BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier