BA (Hons) Fashion at UCA Epsom is internationally recognised for producing world-class designers and industry experts. The course has won numerous awards over the years and sets a high creative standard.

Students are taught a broad range of skills – not only the design and creation of garments but also in visual communication, self-promotional and professional know-how, so they’re ready for industry after they graduate.

This year’s graduates are no exception, as you’ll see in the final projects here. They involve the design and creation of garments from scratch, or creating garments and a business plan for an existing brand.

“The class of 2020 have been extremely professional in their approach to Covid-19 limitations. Having to work off-campus, they have excelled in being creative and produced some very innovative design work. This has included interesting concepts, new silhouettes sustainable fabric choices and stunning final outfits, which we’re excited for you to see on this online platform.” Bruce Montgomery, Programme Director

Abi Millen | Fashion & Textiles 6

Abi Millen

BA (Hons) Fashion

Alexandra Hodgson | Fashion & Textiles 4

Alexandra Hodgson

BA (Hons) Fashion

Billy Barrett | Fashion & Textiles 7

Billy Barrett

BA (Hons) Fashion

Charlotte Atkins | Fashion & Textiles 6

Charlotte Atkins

BA (Hons) Fashion

Ebru Ildeniz | Fashion & Textiles 5

Ebru Ildeniz

BA (Hons) Fashion

Georgina Grain | Fashion & Textiles

Georgina Grain

BA (Hons) Fashion

Hannah Russell | Fashion & Textiles 1

Hannah Russell

BA (Hons) Fashion

Irene Menelaou | Fashion & Textiles 5

Irene Menelaou

BA (Hons) Fashion

Jasmine de Baeza | Fashion & Textiles 5

Jasmine de Baeza

BA (Hons) Fashion

Jenney Deane | Fashion & Textiles 1

Jenney Deane

BA (Hons) Fashion

Konstancja Przybylska | Fashion & Textiles 6

Konstancja Przybylska

BA (Hons) Fashion

Lok Wa Winifred Yau | Fashion & Textiles 6

Lok Wa Winifred Yau

BA (Hons) Fashion